Dream if you dare!

swimming in the Arctic

Today in my dreams, I am writing for my 5th novel. I have sought some needed solitude from the delightful but distracting family mayhem by escaping again to Juno. The days are so long up here that it gives me a lot of flexibility for scheduling my activities.

Now I am on some uncharted square of tundra, scrawling out my ideas and occasionally glancing up to breath. Oddly, it is like swimming, trying to make long strokes through this episode of my tale. As usual I am finding treasures as I mesh unlikely ideas together to come up with some semblance of something new. Due to an inner peace that I have found the last few years, I am able to maintain this rhythm with prolific results.

The breeze tousles my once-red hair, teasing me to play. But the day is long and I will eventually tire to the weight of this pen. I will then succumb to wolf’s call to explore paths of caribou. But for now, I will continue to cut through the shoreless waters of my imagination.

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