Dream if you dare!

a good day

Today in my dreams I am sitting in my mountain home in the evening and tapping away at my keyboard. Maybe I am just thinking the words I want in my novel, as technology has changed so much in the last ten years. I have my Labrador laying at my side, his chin and jowels resting on my slipper-shod foot.

The sun has set and it is now dark. But I can feel the God-painted brilliance still. The sun disappeared with a wink that an even brighter day awaits me. It will be hard to beat today. Today I discovered a new outcropping of rocks. I could have sworn God punched them from the ground anew; I had foraged through there so many times and hadn’t seen this unmissable spectacle. I had planned to hit the summit and breathe in the view, but this something else happened into my path. I spent the day photographing the fascinating features and climbing to small, chilly crags.

The day was not wasted. I have no rush. I overcame the rush long ago. I am free.

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