Dream if you dare!

Laughing and staying put

Today in my dreams I have just got off the phone with the woman who is managing my web business in Denver. She’s very excited about where things are going with the current technology. Things have changed a lot in the last 15 years since I started the little enterprise. She is thankful for how my team established things and the legacy is she able to continue to build. Our clients are ever so happy, ever so happy. They see such value in what we do for them and the business relationship we work so hard to maintain. Our quality of design and execution continues to be second to none.

When I asked her if she thought I needed to come back into town soon, she laughed and said I was welcome any time, of course, but things were going so strongly that I need not trouble myself for a couple months. I was happy with that. I ever so proud of all of them. I enjoyed hearing how well everyone was doing. I’ll plan a trip back there in the next couple weeks, just to scratch the itch of missing all of them.

She asked how the novel was coming and it was my turn to laugh. It is going well but keeps taking interesting turns that are so fun to try to straighten out enough so someone, at least one person besides myself, will understand what strange tales are coming from my crazed mind.

My imported crafted beer is just perfect. I think I’ll have another.

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