Dream if you dare!

swimming in the Arctic

Today in my dreams, I am writing for my 5th novel. I have sought some needed solitude from the delightful but distracting family mayhem by escaping again to Juno. The days are so long up here that it gives me a lot of flexibility for scheduling my activities.
Now I am on some uncharted square of […]

so tired, so satisfied

Tonight I am thankful for the rocking of the ship. It is so gentle and if I quiet my own breathing I can hear, if not imagine, the surf hitting the sides as we move through the dark Caribbean waters.
My mind is still dancing though the music stopped an hour ago. The latin beat persists […]

this little car

I love this little car. It has all the convenient gadgets, just not the obnoxious ones. Its so zippy. It makes me feel good. It draws just enough attention. It says I know style. And it gets good gas mileage, which is really important to me. It’s fun. Music sounds good in here. I can […]


Today in my dreams I am in Africa again. The children keep bringing me back. The first time was the clincher. Like when I was 15, I learn anew each time that love is an international language. I still can’t speak in their tongue, but give me a child who melts into a coddled embrace […]

spanish cascades

Vacation is nice. I’ve been to this coast a dozen times and never get tired of it. It’s great having a modest little vacation home to retreat to once a year. The water is incredible. The service is always friendly and my Spanish improves each year. I don’t have to even think about switching to […]

not as sweet as hope

Today in my dreams I am reminiscing about all the clients I have helped over the years, and continue to help by extension. I am especially fond of the memories of helping the ministries and non-profits. We found ways to attract a lot of money to a lot of great causes, as well as to […]

Laughing and staying put

Today in my dreams I have just got off the phone with the woman who is managing my web business in Denver. She’s very excited about where things are going with the current technology. Things have changed a lot in the last 15 years since I started the little enterprise. She is thankful for how […]

a good day

Today in my dreams I am sitting in my mountain home in the evening and tapping away at my keyboard. Maybe I am just thinking the words I want in my novel, as technology has changed so much in the last ten years. I have my Labrador laying at my side, his chin and jowels […]